Glass and mirror

Glass and mirror provided by Twin City GlassAt Twin City Glass, we understand that our customers expect beautiful, custom glass and mirror solutions in a timely fashion, while still meeting a budget. And we’ve been designing and installing glass and mirrors in Buffalo Niagara since 1964, so we have the experience to deliver on these expectations.

In addition, thanks to our extensive knowledge about glass and mirrors, we can also offer you a variety of ideas on design and installation, or we can simply execute your vision.


We currently offer an array of glass and mirror options that can be fully customized in a variety of thicknesses, colors, and textures. They can be used for windows, glass tabletops, glass shower doors, glass room dividers, kitchen cabinet glass, glass storefronts & entrances, machine guards, and mirrored closet doors.

Scroll down for samples of our work!

We also provide professional fabrication, including:

  • Custom glass mirror edgework – finished, polished or beveled glass mirrors
  • Holes
  • Notches
  • Shapes – triangles, hexagons, octagons, ovals, circles, and more

Glass is our profession. Our goal is to provide what you want, when you want it and at a great price. Give us a call so we can get started today!


Table topsglass-table-top

Protect and show off the beauty of your Dining table, desk or conference table. Twin City Glass will deliver high quality work the way you want. Choose your glass, the design, the type of edge finish and we will make it. Professional and Fast, Twin City Glass



2081bdbf4d4b031afe660d7db5580516Cabinet Glass

Don’t was time, money and energy looking all over for Cabinet Glass.

We are here to help!

Save Time with Twin City Glass, we have a huge selection of Cabinet glass. Save money, we will give you the best price. Save energy by making one stop and getting what you want.

Choose from: Frosted, Clear, Cotswold, Antique German, Rain, Autumn, Everglade, Crystal Fluted, Flemish, Florentine, Glue Chip, P62, Seedy, Taffeta, Beveled Glass, Grey,
Frosted, and Curved Glass.



 Art and Picture Glass

Do you want to Art Glass, Picture frame glasspreserve and protect your art and pictures?  Display art and pictures with amazing clarity, decreased reflection and protect them at the same time. Protect what’s yours.We provide Buffalo and all of Western New York with Art Glass such as Conservation Clear, Reflection Control and Museum Glass.

Conservation Clear is your premium clear glass with 99% UV protection.

Reflection Control reduces the reflection of premium glass plus it has 99% UV protection.

Museum Glass has the best clarity plus 99%UV Protection.

Choose your glass and we will cut it to fit or pick up a box of standard sizes.


Laminated glass, safty glassLaminated Glass

Do you have children, do you need a little more safety? This safty glass has an inner lamination so if broken it will stay together like a car windshield. If safety is important to you were are here to help.

Choose from: Clear, Bronze, Grey, Solex (green).

Edge Finish: Seemed, Finished, High Polished



glass shelf, tempered glass, shelf ideasTempered glass shelf, shelf in shower, shower shelfGlass Shelves

Use glass to create a beautiful shelf. We have the options for you. Get standard sizes or custom cut tempered glass. Professional and fast, Twin City Glass. Glass shelves can be UV Glued to glass or mirrors.

Choose from Triangle Corner Shelves, Half Circle Shelves, Square, Rectangle or create a custom design.

This Tempered Glass shelf is secured to the wall with Chrome Clips.

Clip Options: Brushed Nickel, Chrome, Oil Rubbed Bronze



Pyro ceramic glass, Pyrex glass, Buffalo Pyro ceramic glass, Fire rated glass, wood stove glass


Pyro ceramic and Pyrex

If you need pyro ceramic glass you have come to the right place. We have stock sheet ready to be cut to size. Pyro ceramic has a slight amber color. Pyrex is clear and can also be cut to fit what you need.



Lexan and Plexiglas

AcrylicLexan and Plexiglas come in stock sheets as well as custom sizes and shapes.

Lexan is the trademark name for polycarbonate. Lexan is scratch resistant, heat resistant and has a higher impact resistance than Acrylic. It is designed for it strength and durability.

Plexiglas is the trade mark name for cast acrylic. Plexiglas is a high quality plastic. It is weather resistant plus it is actually stronger and more impact resistant than glass.



Glass railing buffaloRoom Dividers and Railings

Create a relaxing space with glass room dividers. Separate a pool, home gym, entertainment room, bar or guest bedroom with glass room dividers. We have clear and frosted glass. You can also add a door or two to you design.

Glass railing systems are beautiful and practice. Choose from a variety of glass, metal and designs.





Save time, money and energy with Twin City Glass. We have a wide range of mirrors, designs colors and finishes. Make one stop with us and you can pick you mirror color, style and finish.

Get vanity mirrors, backsplash, mirrors for your closet, wall mirrors, and any custom mirror you want.

Colors: Clear, Grey, Bronze, Gold Vein and Frosted



J-channell, mirror supply, mirror trimJ-channel

Will your mirror be placed on the countertop or back splash or do you want J-channel.


Chrome, Brushed Nickel, Oil Rubbed bronze, Gold



Beveled mirror, beveled mirror stripsBeveled Strips

Beveled strips can line the edge of your mirror creating a beautiful look. You can use them to cover the seam of a wall of mirrors. You can use them to create depth with your new mirrors.



Mirror coverplateMirrror Cover Plates

Finish you vanity mirror with a glass cover plate. Cover plates are made from plate glass, drilled and beveled. We have basic cover plates and multi switch cover plates to get the look you want.

Choose from 15 different options



Professional and Fast, Twin City Glass!

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