How to choose a shower you will Love


Open Shower, beautiful shower door

Door panel and return Kinetik. Clear glass and brushed stainless finish.


How to choose a shower you will Love

By Twin City Glass

Treat yourself to a beautiful, relaxing, steamy shower. First choose your style. Choose from sliding doors, framed doors, frameless doors, heavy glass door and doors with a smooth rolling systems. Next, choose your layout. Chose from a single door, door and panel, a door panel and return or a door with a step up and notch, or a complete custom shower. After that, we will measure your shower and give you design suggestions based on the sill pitch (in or out), if the walls are square, header support and so on. Then you choose the glass you like and the finish. To finish up, we will confirm everything and put your order in. That’s all there is to it.




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